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VAST Video Ad Server for Advertisers and Publishers (2024)

Decisioning, event tracking, transcoding, targeting, budget capping, realtime reporting...
A fully featured video ad server at an unbeatable price.
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See why people like you choose VASTify as their video ad server.
"VASTify is the best video ad server. It's most intuitive and the tracking is superb."

Frederick Abila
Frederick Abila
Founder of Buzz Chat
VASTify is a

VAST Video Ad Server

...LOADED with indispensable features to serve video ads — from start to finish.


Let the video ad serving engines decide which ad to serve, taking into account flight dates, targeting, priorities, budget capping, delivery pacing and much more.


Event Tracking

Log all VAST events like start, midpoint, 3rd quartile and skips. Get full insights into the engagement viewers had with the videos.



Targeting campaigns to a country, region or city is an indispensable feature of ad server software to optimize ad spend and reduce wasted budget.



Let VASTify automatically serve ads that tend to perform better. Upload variants of the same creative and let the algorithms do their magic.


VAST Tag Generator

How to create a VAST tag? Upload the video ad, click the VAST Tag Generator button and you're ready to go. VASTify's ad serving platform supports VAST versions 2.0 until 4.1.


Budget Capping

Spend only $100 per day? Put campaigns on hold automatically when the budget for today has been depleted. Works in synergy with delivery pacing.


Delivery Pacing

This algorithm prevents that all impressions are served within the early hours of the day. It spreads impressions throughout the day, allowing for a higher reach and more efficient use of budgets.


Flight Dates

Prepare campaigns in advance and schedule them to go live on a certain date. VASTify's ad platform is a complete solution to create and manage your video ad campaigns.


Day Parting

Some campaigns work best during the weekends and nights, while other perform better early in the week. Set the exact hours and day on which you want the campaign to serve.


Video Transcoding

VASTify automatically transcodes your video ads in the background to make sure they play well on all devices. Videos are optimized for web-playback by placing the MOOV atom at the beginning of the file.


Conversion Tracking

Track which impressions and clicks have lead to a conversion. Create conversion reports and get the complete picture. Optimize campaign accordingly, either manually or automatically.


Bot Filtering

Prevent logging events and metrics from automated bot. VASTify automatically filters all GIVT traffic to avoid your reports from becoming skewed. Bot filtering improves CTR.


White Labeled Ad Serving

Get around ad blockers easily. Set up your white-label and serve ads from your own subdomain. This feature is included in the Professional and Enterprise plan.


For Publishers & Advertisers

VASTify's video ad server was built from the ground up with both publishers and advertisers in mind. Publishers use VASTify for direct deals to maximize video ad revenue, while advertisers use typically use VASTify to optimize ad spend and ROI.

Video Ad Trafficking & Scheduling

A crucial feature when serving video ads. Manage the entire process of delivering video ads easily.

VASTify allows you to fine-tune the delivery, scheduling and placement of video ads, ensuring that they will be delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Multi-device Support

Reach a wider audience: let VASTify transcode video ads into different bit rates, codecs and formats. Show ads to viewers regardless the device they are using.

Auto-transcoding helps to increase the effiency of ad delivery. No need to create separate videos for each device any longer :)

Real-time Reporting

Get access to real-time data and insights. An important feature that gives you a clear view of how your video ads are performing with minute-precision.

See which campaigns are underperforming and make actionable decisions before the campaign's end date. Use your own historical data to see trends over time, and adjust targeting, budget and scheduling accordingly.

Video Ad Targeting

Fine-tune delivery based on the user's country, device or language. With video targeting you can serve more relevant ads, improving the chance of engagement and conversions.

Improved ad performance means happier advertisers, a better user experience and increased ad revenue for publishers. VASTify helps you to get your video ads in front of the eyes of the right person.

Does VASTify fit your budget?

You'll get the BEST rates in the market. CDN bandwidth included in all plans.
Scalable up to 1 billion ad requests/month.
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$349 - $7k
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10M - 1B ad requests
$599 - $10k
per month
10M - 1B ad requests
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Performance Optimization Tools

Do you have multiple variants of the same creative? Let VASTify figure out which video ad variant performs best for each particular viewer.

By using a simple machine learning algorithm and attributes like location, device, language and time, the creative that is expected to have the highest engagement rate will be served.

Built-in Quality Assurance

Ever had a video ad that was too loud? VASTify has built-in checks to make sure video ads are below a certain LUFS threshold, are not letterboxed (black bars) and have a sufficient bitrate to guarantee quality.

Perform pre-flight checks on the videos to ensure they meet your standard of quality and compliance. Improving the user experience makes everyone happy.


VASTify's user interface was built on its API, to which you have access too. The API enables you to automate tasks like setting up new campaigns, adjusting targeting or setting new budgets.

Pull real-time performance data to your own backend for further analysis. Save time and resources. Automate and streamline your advertising process today.

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"VASTify is the best video ad server. It's most intuitive and the tracking is superb."

Frederick Abila
Frederick Abila
Founder of Buzz Chat

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